Most people know that people have had their best parties at Taylors.

Showers, graduations, birthdays, afterwork parties, going away parties... even a few wedding receptions and a divorce shower! We have the unique ability to reserve space and slide your party cleverly into the regular Taylors night scene! We'll decorate for you, we'll help you plan and order catered-in food from a variety of sources. We'll even provide you with a private bartender at your own bar if we can. And the best part is... we won't even charge you anything extra. We just love your business!

Of course there are times when people have a special request for a much larger group of people and prefer to have their party begin during the day... we can usually work something out for you too! We have a few requirements - and there may be a small additional charge.
Your party is a guaranteed success!

To make arrangements please
contact Nick at: 414.271.2855